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Straight from the farm to us


Cooking Tips

  1. For a tasty mash, boil mondial potatoes until just tender. Meanwhile, roast whole garlic cloves until very soft and tender. Squeeze garlic flesh out of cloves and add to drained cooked potatoes, together with a little butter and milk. Mash until smooth then serve with chicken.
  2. For a fresh salad, boil mondial potatoes until almost tender. Cut into cubes, toss in olive oil then bake until crisp and golden. Toss together with grape tomatoes and baby spinach leaves. Drizzle with a little lemon juice then serve with fish.

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We work very closely with a number of suppliers to ensure that your fruit and veg is sourced from local WA growers. Unlike major supermarkets our produce comes from the growers on Thursday, and is in your fridge by Friday night - you will taste the difference! Supporting local farmers bringing Perth families produce they can trust.

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