Funky bunch
Seasonal Box - Conventional - Funky Bunch - Wonky Fruit N Veg Box

Seasonal Box - Conventional - Funky Bunch - Wonky Fruit N Veg Box


This box contains and specialises in fruit and vegetables that are imperfect, marked, wonky, too small, too big, too straight or too curly. Some items may be perfectly fine and just in excess at this particular time in the season.
It is a budget conscious option for those of us who dont mind what our fruit and veg look like but understand that it all tastes perfectly fine anyway.
Please note we can not substitute the contents of these boxes, they are seasonal and set. When possible we will try to accommodate requests, however this is not always possible

5kg Fruit Box - SECONDS

5kg Fruit Box - SECONDS


These fruit are seasonal seconds and may be of irregular shape and size.and a little ugly. However they are still great eating....

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We work very closely with a number of suppliers to ensure that your fruit and veg is sourced from local WA growers. Unlike major supermarkets our produce comes from the growers on Thursday, and is in your fridge by Friday night - you will taste the difference! Supporting local farmers bringing Perth families produce they can trust.

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