Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

By ordering from The People's Market Perth you are agreeing to abide by the following terms and conditions:

I understand that The People's Market sends all produce to me in a manner suitable for sale. If I require a refund for an item I do not believe is for its intended purpose that I will need to

1. Photograph the item/s and email it within 24 hours of receiving the item to receive a partial or full refund. Once this is done it is up to the disgression of The People's Market Perth as to the action that will follow in consultation with the member involved. 

2. Email The People's Market at peoplesmarketperth@gmail.com regarding your order within 24 hours of receiving it. You will need to state the weight of the produce you are claiming a refund for, the reason for the refund request and supply photographs as requested. Items out of stock or missing are noted on your packing slip, however packing errors are made and can sometimes be missed. Credits are made back into your Paypal account as a credit by the following Saturday.  

The People's Market Perth will substitute items as we see fit. If you do not wish for this to occur, please state this in the comments section of your order.

If you need to return an item for a refund, it is your responsibilitgy to return it to our Caversham base at your expense. Perishable items can not be returned to local hubs and hub hosts are not responsible for the return of such items. No responsibility or refunds will be given if the items you return are not in the saleable condition they were sold to you in. We will not give refunds for any items which have been and must remain frozen. EG Meat, or Cultures.

You agree to pick up orders within the designated pick up times from our collection hubs. Some exceptions can be made outside of these times after consultation with The People's Market Perth only and in exceptional circumstances. We are unable to hold stock on your behalf and take no responsibility for the deterioration of your produce because of a delay in pick up. We will hold non perishable items for 2 weeks only. After this period no refunds will be given.

All deliveries will be left at your front door unless specified. We are not responsible for your items once they have been delivered. Cold items are left in a cooler box, however it is your responsibility to ensure that they are  received and refrisdgerated as soon as delivery takes place. The People's Market place is not responsible for produce once delivered.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the correct delivery address on your pay pal account as well as a contact mobile number for our drivers or Dru to contact you should they need to communicate with you regarding your order. It is your responsibility to ensure our delivery driver has safe access to your property. that gates are open and animals locked away. Should access be unavailable your order will not be delivered and it is your responsibility to pick it up from our Caversham base.

Payment must be made via pay pal at the time of ordering. Please ensure you receive a confirmation email from pay pal. This is your receipt and proof of purchase. It is your responsibility to print it out and check your order on receiving it.

 We are not responsible for pay pal glitches and issues and are unfortunately not able to receive orders after our opening and closing dates and times.

As a part of these terms and conditions you accept that on receiving cooler boxes from The People's Market Perth that you are accepting to pay a $5 fee for each cooler box you receive. This amount will be either debited against your People's Market account, deducted from any refunds owing to you or invoiced to you via pay pal. This fee will only be refunded on return of each cooler box. In order to receive your refund each cooler box must be returned the following fortnight to your hub, or left out in the case of delivery for our driver to collect. Each cooler box must be returned in a clean usuable manner, free of litter, in tact with matching lid and unbroken. 

As a member it is your responsibility to remain informed as to any changes which occur with The People's Market Perth by reading all written emails which are sent to your designated email account. For this reason it is your responsibility to ensure you have only ONE People's Market account and only ONE current contact email address registered with us. If you fail to do this we are not responsible for any miscommunications which may occur.

We reserve the right to refuse sale to any individuals as we see fit.

The People's Market Perth

We work very closely with a number of suppliers to ensure that your fruit and veg is sourced from local WA growers. Unlike major supermarkets our produce comes from the growers on Thursday, and is in your fridge by Friday night - you will taste the difference! Supporting local farmers bringing Perth families produce they can trust.

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